Monday, 19 September 2011

Blindsign Archive 001 - Asteroids Mix

I thought I would delve into the archives once a month to highlight some older mixes up on the site. This mix was done in November 2007 and comes from an obsession at the time with John Carpenter's Darkstar, which you can hear playing through the mix. It also has a definite Cosmic/Afro feel to it. I think it was made shortly before a visit to London from Beppe Loda (I have the live recording of that on the site too somewhere I think). The mix got a fair amount of airplay on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System at the time.

Download the mix


John Carpenter - Dark Star
P'Cock - N 1,4
Bohannon - Truck Stop
Richard Bone - Do Angels Dance
Depeche Mode - Shout (Rio Mix)
Antena - Achilles (Phreek Plus One Typhoon Mix)
Greg 2 (Loda Mix)
Richard Bone - Mambopolis
Propaganda - Dr. Mabuse (Loda Mix)
Human League - Being Boiled (Loda Mix)
Massimo Barsotti - Right Or Wrong
Xenon - Galaxi
Uranium - Car Crash
MC1 - Basic

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